ERIC STEINMAN, DIRECTOR,, Television and new media commercial production company for American and international markets. Broadcast, web, film, hd/digital, any format. All types of short form storytelling, including comedy, dialogue, emotion and kids. spots,commercials,tv,web,film,hd,ditial,advertising,rhetoric,eric,steinman,ericsteinman,ad,ads,kids,storytelling,dialogue,comedy,emotion,media,new media,internet

Contact Info

  • Amanda Fox
    Executive Producer
    Austin, TX
  • Eric Steinman
    Director / Owner
    Rhetoric Inc
  • Eric Steinman believes that the best performances tap into a genuine emotion, be it a child’s curiosity, a mother’s concern or a grandfather’s passion for life. Whether it’s a heartfelt baby commercial or a quirky comedy spot, he seeks to capture these feelings with nuanced, intelligent filmmaking best suited to the concept. He’s equally comfortable crafting a feature film quality cinematic approach as he is with a hand-held documentary style.

    Eric also believes in listening.

    His work has been recognized in award shows from New York, to London, to Cannes, to Asia and the Middle East.

  • East Coast
    Daria Zeliger
  • Midwest / Canada
    Liz Laine Reps
    Liz Shaw
    Katie Ward Gerard
  • West Coast / Texas
    Amanda Fox
  • Latin America
    Casta Diva Films
    Carolina Legovich
    +54 911 6207 2401
  • Eastern Europe / Asia
    GoEast Films
    Ruslana Artemenko
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    Anna Konyaeva
  • Social Media
    Alycia Marrapodi
  • VP, Marketing
    Cristina Van Hoff