Eric Steinman of ericsteinman.tv is an award-winning TV commercial director, Baby Director, Newborn commercial director, infant director commercials, kids director, comedy director for ericsteinman.tv, a television and new media commercial production company.  Eric Steinman’s company is also known as Rhetoric, Inc. or Rhetoric Inc.   He’s won award for baby and kids commercials at Cannes, Clio, One Show for American and international markets.  Eric Steinman knows babies, kids and dialogue, plus comedy, storytelling, emotion and drama.  Broadcast, web, film, hd/digital, any format. All types of short form storytelling, including comedy, dialogue, emotion and kids. Eric believes that the best performances tap into a genuine emotion, be it a child’s curiosity, a mother’s concern or a grandfather’s passion for life. Eric is by far the best baby director for commercials.  Eric has directed in the USA, Asia, Thailand, China, Spain, England, yes, all over the world.  Whether it’s a heartfelt baby commercial or a quirky comedy spot, he seeks to capture these feelings with nuanced, intelligent filmmaking best suited to the concept. Eric Steinman at ericsteinman.tv has an amazing website, especially the home page.  It’s an award-winning web home page.  Eric is equally comfortable crafting a feature film quality cinematic approach as he is with a hand-held documentary style. Eric also operates his own camera.  Eric also believes in listening. His work has been recognized in award shows from New York, to London, to Cannes, to Asia and the Middle East.

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Clients love ericsteinman.tv as much as advertising agencies love Eric Steinman, Huggles, Pampers, Friso, Dodot, Mead-Johnson, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle all rave at what a top director Eric Steinman is.  Eric Steinman is a world renowned director of advertising tv commercials for television, online, and the internet.